Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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How much is the fee for the legal consult?

The legal consult has a fee of $150.  You would receive a credit for the whole amount if you retained us within the next three months of the consultation. If you do not have any relief, that is the cost of legal orientation.

The consultation can be in person, virtual, or by phone.

How can I attend the legal consult?

The consultation can be in person, virtual or by phone.

Do you have lawyers who speak Spanish?

Yes. The attorneys speak native Spanish, in addition to English.

Does the office offer legal services in areas or practices other than immigration law?

No. The practice is exclusive to federal immigration and nationality law.

Where is the Office located?

The office is located at 2121 Ave. Eisenhower, Suite 301 in Alexandria, Virginia 22314.  (Metro station: Eisenhower Avenue/yellow line)

Do you receive and accept text messages and WhatsApp messages?

Yes. We receive text messages and WhatsApp at 703-213-9537 to arrange legal consults and answer some questions. We usually answered the messages the same day. However, messages could take between 24-48 hours.

Can the attorney represent a client outside Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, DC?

Usually, yes. There are certain instances where it may be recommended that your case be handled by an attorney who is present in your area of residence. It is an analysis on a case-by-case basis, particularly in cases of non-detainees.

When should I consult an immigration attorney if I just entered the United States illegally?

As soon as you enter the United States, you should consult about the alternatives to arrange your legal status, obtain employment authorization, or ask questions about your immigration situation. It is better to get informed in time and prepare for your case before it is too late. Certain applications must be filed based on age or last entry into the United States, so the time you get your legal orientation can be crucial.

Should I wait until my first hearing to seek legal advice or hire a lawyer?

No. You may lose the right to file any relief in your case if you wait for your first hearing or court to become legally informed. Court hearings may be rescheduled at a distant time, adversely affecting you.

In addition, even though immigration court proceedings can be attended pro se (or on their own), it is not recommended. Furthermore, many judges advise you of the need or adequacy of legal representation. The cases before the Court are processes where an adequate legal defense is a key to avoiding deportation.

How long do I have to file an Asylum Application?

You have one year from your last entry into the United States to file your application with USCIS or the Court.  To count the year deadline, you should use the date of last entry into the United States, not when you are released by immigration.

How can I get employment authorization to work in the United States?

Usually, employment authorization is linked to an application or pending procedure with Immigration. There are different categories or grounds to request work authorization. You should consult to see if you are eligible for employment authorization or if you can apply to qualify for authorization.

What is the foreign number or alien number?

The number that immigration designates to you and that is on the paperwork that DHS/ICE provided you. It is generally composed of 9 digits and begins with the letter A. (AXXX-XXX-XXX)

How can I check if I already have a hearing with the Court?

You can call 1-800-898-7180. (Option two in Spanish) You need to confirm your A number and your name. Then you must press option 1 for the Court date.

If you have any other questions, we invite you to contact us.